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About THA MarketIQ
THA MarketIQ puts comprehensive healthcare market share, trending and utilization data at your fingertips. Designed exclusively for THA members, MarketIQ provides more than 90 report templates that you can customize "on the fly" to analyze both Inpatient and Outpatient markets. An intuitive Report Wizard guides you through the process, letting you quickly produce ready-to-use reports based on your selections.

Additionally, the advanced OLAP module offers "power users" even greater flexibility via fully customizable report layouts with drill-down functionality and other enhanced data mining features.

If you are a THA member and would like more information on establishing a new user account, please contact Bryan Metzger at or call 1-866-284-2446.

Data Use and Confidentiality Agreement
Please Note: All THA MarketIQ users are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the official THA Data Release Policy and the THA HIN contract signed by your facility. These terms include but are not limited to the following: 1) The contents of all THA MarketIQ reports are restricted to internal use only; 2) Users agree to keep confidential, prevent and protect the contents of such reports, or any part thereof, from unauthorized disclosure or use by employees, agents, third party vendors or others; 3) The only public data use allowed is for Certificate of Need (CON) proceedings of the Tennessee Health Services and Development Agency (HSDA). Data may be provided if the data are aggregated at least at the zip code level of the patient address and do not include the names of any hospitals except that THA HIN proprietary data may be presented in a “masked” format (i.e., Hospital A, Hospital B, etc.) for proceedings of the HSDA as long as the comparison information provides data for at least five (5) masked hospitals. This exception is allowed only for HSDA proceedings. This disclosure of HIN data for this purpose is allowed only to show utilization and patient migration patterns and trends. Disclosure of data related to charges and/or physicians is not allowed for these proceedings. Please see "Data Use/Confidentiality" in the Help section for more details.

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